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İrem Derici [ Turkish, Singer ]


Introducing our latest AI Voice Model, named after the renowned Turkish singer İrem Derici. With advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this model captures the unique qualities of İrem's voice, allowing you to generate authentic and expressive vocal performances. Trained over a 10-minute dataset for 400 epochs, this sophisticated AI has been fine-tuned to deliver remarkable accuracy and clarity. Our İrem Derici AI Voice Model opens up exciting opportunities for music creation, enabling you to produce AI covers of her famous songs or even create new compositions using her distinctive voice. Imagine crafting your own custom lyrics and hearing them brought to life by this impressive AI! As part of our suite of cutting-edge AI tools at Weights, we invite you to explore our text-to-speech capabilities as well. Experiment with different voices, accents, and styles – all completely free to use. Get started today and unlock endless possibilities for creativity and innovation with artificial intelligence. Start creating your AI covers or experimenting with text-to-speech now through our easy-to-use online platform. Embrace the future of audio production

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