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Puss in Boots (Dreamworks/Antonio Banderas)

Puss in Boots (Dreamworks/Antonio Banderas)

FictionalRVC v2





Introducing our RVC V2 Model, specifically tailored to generate AI music and covers inspired by the iconic voice of Puss in Boots from Dreamworks and Antonio Banderas. This model has been trained on both a blooper reel and fearless hero soundbites, resulting in unique and quirky audio snippets. With 250 epochs under its belt, this model offers a variety of samples including 'Ballin', 'Gold Digger', 'Beggin', 'Take Me To Church', 'Shape Of You', 'Despacito', and many more. Experience creating AI covers like never before using our free AI tools. At Our Entity Name, we strive to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence technology.

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