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Use a model to convert sung or spoken vocals to a new voice

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Aki Rosenthal (Hololive 1st Gen)


Discover the power of our advanced Aki Rosenthal (Hololive 1st Gen) 500 Epochs, RMVPE, 48k AI Voice Model, now available at Weights! This cutting-edge model utilizes Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology to generate incredibly realistic and natural voice outputs, perfect for various applications. With over 500 training epochs and high-quality 48k sampling rate, our Aki Rosenthal model delivers exceptional accuracy, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Our innovative AI Voice Model excels in creating stunningly authentic AI covers and text-to-speech functionalities, offering endless possibilities. Ideally suited for music enthusiasts, researchers, developers, or anyone looking to explore the capabilities of AI, you'll find unparalleled versatility and performance. Unlock creativity like never before – transform your audio experiences using our state-of-the-art Aki Rosenthal (Hololive 1st Gen) AI Voice Model today. Don't miss out; get started with our FREE AI tools and witness the extraordinary results yourself. Visit us at Weights to learn more

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