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คนร้อง "ไอ้หน้าเหลื่ยม" (Singer of Mr.Square Face) Various Epoch

คนร้อง "ไอ้หน้าเหลื่ยม" (Singer of Mr.Square Face) Various Epoch

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Introducing the 'คนร้อง ได้หน้าเหลื่ยม' (Singer of Mr. Square Face) RVC v2 Various Epoch model, designed for creating AI music covers and text-to-speech. This advanced AI voice model offers two distinct modes - one focused on crowd singing over 1 minute and 42 seconds with 160 epochs, and another featuring a male rapper spitting bars for 7 minutes and 30 seconds with 200 epochs. Experience high-quality audio output suitable for various applications. Try out our free AI tools today and start creating your own unique AI covers!

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