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Firey (Coiny Dont Stop)


Introducing Firey (Coiny Dont Stop), the latest advancement in AI Voice Models by Weights! This innovative model utilizes Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology, specifically version RVC V2, along with advanced techniques like RMVPE and 450 epochs for optimal performance. With its impressive capabilities, Firey delivers stunningly realistic text-to-speech outputs and creates incredible AI covers of your favorite songs, all while maintaining exceptional vocal quality. Whether you're looking to generate engaging voiceovers for videos, develop cutting-edge AI music applications, or simply explore the exciting world of artificial intelligence, look no further than Firey. Transform your audio experiences with unparalleled precision using our state-of-the-art AI tools – try creating AI covers or generating high-quality text-to-speech content today, absolutely free at!

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