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Clara - Honkai: Star Rail

Clara - Honkai: Star Rail

FictionalRVC v2English





Discover Clara [EN], the latest advancement in AI Voice Models here at Weights! Designed using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, Clara boasts impressive capabilities that set it apart from other models available today. With extensive training on 48K samples of in-game dialogue spoken by voice actress Emily Sun, Clara delivers highly accurate and natural speech patterns reminiscent of the beloved character from Honkai: Star Rail. This RVC v2 [RMVPE] version has undergone rigorous training over 500 epochs and 55.5K steps, resulting in refined precision perfect for generating text-to-speech output. Additionally, leveraging its powerful abilities, Clara can even create stunning AI covers for your favorite songs or soundbites – all within seconds. Don't wait; begin exploring new possibilities with Clara today by visiting and trying out our cutting-edge, free AI tools designed specifically for creators like you.

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