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Natasha - Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha - Honkai: Star Rail

TTS / RealtimeFictionalRVC v2English





Introducing Natasha [EN] - Honkai: Star Rail, the latest addition to our advanced RVC Model lineup at Weights. This state-of-the-art AI Voice Model has been trained on 40,000 samples using 1 hour and 2 minutes of captivating in-game dialogues from the beloved character voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell. With a remarkable 850 epochs completed over 144.5K steps, Natasha [EN] showcases unparalleled precision and authenticity when generating humanlike speech. Our Natasha [EN] model seamlessly integrates with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, enabling users to convert text into lifelike speeches or even create AI covers effortlessly. Experience her exceptional abilities in music generation, where she demonstrates impressive adaptability by crafting customized AI cover versions of popular tracks, staying true to the original while adding enchanting, synthetic twists. Unlock endless creative possibilities – engage your audience with mesmeric AI-generated vocals or transform written scripts into engaging spoken narratives. To get started with our cutting-edge AI models like Natasha [EN

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