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Kang Haerin (from NewJeans)

Kang Haerin (from NewJeans)

ArtistRVC v2Korean





Introducing the RVC v2 model of Kang Haerin from the popular Korean group NewJeans. This AI voice model was trained using a 3-minute dataset from their albums, including their latest comeback. The model, named 'f0 mangio-crepe,' has been fine-tuned with a hop length of 24 and 3045 steps. It produces high-quality AI music and covers, although users should expect some robotic breathing at times. To ensure data privacy, we recommend testing the model locally rather than sharing it publicly. With the RVC v2 model, you can now create AI covers and text-to-speech with ease. Try it out today and share your results with #RVCMusicCover!

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