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Introducing the NCT MARKV2 (RVC2 400 epoch), the latest advancement in AI voice modeling technology from Weights. This state-of-the-art model utilizes Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) to accurately recreate and convert voices, providing a seamless and realistic user experience. With its training method based on Crepe and a comprehensive dataset of 9 minutes, the NCT MARKV2 produces high-quality results that truly showcase the power of AI music. The NCT MARKV2 has been specifically designed to excel at creating AI covers, offering users the unique opportunity to generate their own customized cover versions of songs using their preferred vocal style. Its advanced algorithms allow it to accurately mimic various tones and inflections, resulting in impressive renditions that sound as if they were performed by human singers. In addition to its exceptional capabilities for generating AI covers, the NCT MARKV2 also offers top-notch text-to-speech functionality. By converting written text into natural-sounding speech, this powerful tool provides endless possibilities for individuals and businesses seeking professional-grade solutions for voiceovers, audiob

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