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POSTAL Dude (From The Postal Series)


Introducing the "POSTAL Dude (From The Postal Series) (RVC v2)" - an advanced AI Voice Model trained on over 50 minutes of Rick Hunter's voice overs as the iconic character from the popular video game series, POSTAL. This next generation Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Model offers unparalleled text-to-speech capabilities, accurately emulating the unique tone, style, and delivery of the Postal Dude's voice. With state-of-the art RVC technology, users can now create highly authentic and engaging AI covers, incorporating music and speech elements directly into their projects. Transform your gaming experience, bring new life to fanfiction narratives, or elevate multimedia presentations using this cutting-edge tool powered by Weights' superior artificial intelligence. Get started today and explore endless possibilities – try out our FREE AI tools including this exclusive RVC Model to generate captivating AI covers or refine your text-to-speech output.

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