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Hugo Délire
RVC v2TTS / RealtimeOther LanguagesE-Celeb


Introducing Hugo Délire (French Streamer) RVC V2, an advanced AI Voice Model trained over 275 epochs, now available at Weights! Optimized for Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), this state-of-the-art model offers incredibly realistic text-to-speech capabilities. Leveraging its Link Author Dataset, sized at 52 action-packed minutes, it generates highly accurate outputs of only 48 KB. During training, we utilized the Robust Multi-View Pseudo Profile Estimation (RMVPE) methodology to ensure top-tier performance. This versatile French voice model excels in various applications such as creating AI covers or engaging your audience through lifelike narration. Discover the possibilities of Hugo Délire (French Streamer) RVC V2 by trying out our cutting-edge, user-friendly, and completely FREE AI tools today. Transform your projects with astonishingly authentic audio - start crafting AI covers or exploring text-to-speech innovations right away!

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