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Fluttershy (From My Little Pony MLP)

Fluttershy (From My Little Pony MLP)

FictionalRVC v2





Introducing our latest AI Voice Model, "Fluttershy (from My Little Pony MLP)" (RVC v2), trained using the advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With 500 epochs, this model has been meticulously developed through extensive training on high-quality vocal samples from the beloved character Fluttershy, ensuring exceptional audio fidelity. By utilizing crepe v2 architecture with 64 hops, we have achieved remarkable precision in voice replication, resulting in a captivatingly authentic Fluttershy experience. Our new model effortlessly creates AI covers that resonate with fans across various genres while offering text-to-speech capabilities unmatched by traditional solutions. To enhance user engagement, immerse your projects into the enchanting world of AI music creation and explore the potential of the "Fluttershy (From My Little Pony MLP)" (RVC v2) model today! Experience the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence as you generate AI covers infused with the magic of My Little Pony's cherished character, Fluttershy. Join us at Weights and unlock endless creative possibilities; start now

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