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Tom Delonge (Untitled/Self-Titled era)


Introducing the Tom Delonge (Untitled/Self-Titled era) RVC2 250 epoch - an innovative AI voice model developed using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology by Weights. This advanced model captures the unique vocal characteristics of Tom Delonge during his Untitled/Self-Titled era, providing a remarkable tool for creating authentic-sounding AI covers and text-to-speech applications. With just three audio sources skillfully utilized, we've managed to create a highly accurate representation of Delonge’s iconic sound despite it being our very first attempt at developing such a model. Whether you're looking to generate music or speech in Tom Delonge's style, this powerful RVC model empowers you to do so like never before. Try out our cutting-edge AI tools today—create your own AI covers or convert text into life-like speech with our free resources at Weights! Don't miss out on revolutionizing your creative process.

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