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C Blu






Introducing our latest advanced AI voice model, "C Blu (RVC) 150 Epochs," perfect for all your text-to-speech and music creation needs. Developed using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), this innovative model sets itself apart by delivering highly accurate and natural-sounding voices. With 150 epochs trained, it offers superior performance over other models while maintaining low memory usage and efficient processing capabilities. Our C Blu (RVC) 150 Epochs model specializes in creating AI covers and generating high-quality AI music across various genres and styles. With its cutting-edge design, users can experience smooth transitions between their original compositions and AI generated melodies resulting in seamless harmonization. Aside from its musical prowess, our C Blu model is proficient at handling general purpose speech synthesis tasks as well. It's capable of converting written texts into lifelike speeches making it ideal for audiobook narrations, podcast introductions, video game characters, customer service agents, and more. Join us at Weights today where innovation meets creativity! Start exploring what you can achieve

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