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Introducing our advanced RVC Model, named "Rugal Bernstein / Omega Rugal (The King of Fighters)"! Based on the iconic character from the popular gaming series "The King of Fighters," this AI Voice Model has been trained using all of Rugal's voice clips from KOF XV and KOF Allstar, resulting in highly accurate and authentic sounding text-to-speech capabilities. With 310 epochs of training through version 2 of our Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this powerful tool brings Tsuguo Mogami's legendary voice to life like never before. Our RVC Model excels at creating AI covers, allowing you to hear your favorite lines spoken by Rugal in various scenarios or even generate new dialogues. Whether you're a gamer, animator, or simply looking to explore the possibilities of AI music and speech, our cutting-edge technology delivers unparalleled performance. Unlock creativity and elevate your projects with Weights' industry-leading AI tools. Sign up now to start generating realistic AI covers and text-to-speech with the incredible voice of Rugal Bernstein, completely

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