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Ciel - Tsukihime/Melty Blood

Ciel - Tsukihime/Melty Blood

AnimeRVC v2Japanese





Introducing our latest RVC Model, "Ciel - Tsukihime/Melty Blood (RVC v2)", a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence voice model trained using 13 minutes of dialogue from the popular game Melty Blood: Type Lumina. This advanced model utilizes Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology to produce highly realistic and expressive voices, making it perfect for use in various applications such as text-to-speech and creating AI covers. With 300 epochs of training, Ciel boasts impressive natural language understanding capabilities and accurately captures the unique tone and style of its source material. Whether you're looking to enhance your virtual assistant, add realism to your video games, or simply explore the possibilities of AI music, Ciel has got you covered. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of our cutting-edge AI tools. Try them out today and start creating your own AI covers and text-to-speech projects with ease!

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