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Marie Rose (Dead or Alive) (JP + EN)
FictionalRVC v2JapaneseEnglish


Introducing Marie Rose, our advanced AI Voice Model compatible with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. Hailing from the popular game series Dead or Alive, Marie Rose is now available in both Japanese and English versions, thanks to our cutting-edge RVC v2 Crepe model. With meticulous training over 200 epochs, this model delivers astonishingly accurate and natural-sounding voice output for various applications. Experience AI music like never before as Marie Rose generates captivating AI covers, perfect for elevating your musical creations. Additionally, utilize her text-to-speech capabilities for engaging narration, podcast intros, or more. Don't miss out – harness the power of our free AI tools today to create AI covers and transform text into lifelike speech with ease! Explore Marie Rose and discover how Weights’ innovative technology enhances storytelling, entertainment, and creativity across industries.

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