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Introducing the Runer RVC - the ultimate AI voice model for rapping, brought to you by Weights. With cutting-edge Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, the Runer RVC brings your text-based lyrics to life with a unique and dynamic rap voice. Imagine being able to generate customized rap verses and even full songs using an AI voice model specifically designed for hip hop music. Whether you're looking to create AI covers or experiment with innovative sounds, the Runer RVC has got you covered. Our advanced RVC Model uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and mimic various vocal elements such as tone, pitch, rhythm, and inflection, resulting in a realistic and expressive output. It offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating original content, practicing flow and delivery, or simply having fun exploring new avenues of musical expression. Plus, we're working hard on releasing a singing version very soon! Intrigued? Why wait any longer? Start harnessing the power of artificial intelligence today with our user-friendly, web-based platform. Sign up now to access our FREE AI tools and take the first step towards crafting unforgettable raps

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