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Carl ROBLOX NPC from GroovyDominoes52


Introducing the Carl ROBLOX NPC from GroovyDominoes52 (RVC v2 Crepe), an advanced AI voice model trained for 200 epochs using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This state-of-the-art model brings your favorite ROBLOX character to life through highly realistic and engaging voice interactions. With its exceptional precision, it delivers a seamless natural language processing experience while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence music capabilities. The dataset fueling this impressive AI companion includes 14 minutes of rich conversational data, meticulously curated to ensure optimal performance across various applications. Moreover, we utilized cutting-edge AI algorithms such as ChatGPT for transforming text into captivating and human-like speech patterns. These features combine to empower you to generate mesmerizing AI covers like never before! At Weights, we offer innovative solutions including top-notch text-to-speech functionalities powered by robust AI technologies. Don't miss out – unleash your creativity today with our FREE AI toolkit, designed specifically for creating stunning AI covers effortlessly! Experience firsthand what makes us stand out amongst

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Selected Audio