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Pabllo Vittar
ArtistRVC v2


Introducing our latest advanced AI voice model, Pabllo Vittar (RVC 2) - 300 Epochs, designed using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology by Weights. This innovative model allows you to generate ultra-realistic and expressive voices replicating those of Brazilian drag queen and pop singer, Pabllo Vittar. With exceptional accuracy, naturalness, and versatility, it's perfect for creating engaging AI covers, text-to-speech applications, as well as enhancing your music production capabilities. The model has undergone rigorous training through 300 epochs, resulting in superior audio quality and improved performance compared to its predecessors. Experience seamless integration into various systems and platforms while benefiting from easily customizable features tailored specifically to meet your unique needs. Empowering creativity and driving innovation, try out our state-of-the-art RVC models today! Begin crafting captivating AI covers or generating lifelike text-to-speech recordings effortlessly with our FREE cutting-edge AI tools at Weights. Start innovating now and unlock new possibilities in sound generation!

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