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Yanqing - Honkai: Star Rail

Yanqing - Honkai: Star Rail

TTS / RealtimeFictionalRVC v2English





Introducing Yanqing EN, the advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Model by Weights, trained on 15 minutes of in-game dialogue from Honkai: Star Rail featuring the voice of Amber May. With an impressive 40,000 steps over 235 epochs, Yanqing EN delivers highly accurate text-to-speech capabilities and exceptional performance as an RVC Model. Ideally suited for creating realistic and engaging AI music covers and more, Yanqing EN showcases cutting-edge AI technology at its finest. Transform your projects with our sophisticated RVC Model and explore endless possibilities with our user-friendly AI tools. Try them out now and start creating AI covers and text-to-speech content absolutely free!

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