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Don Krieg (One Piece, ENG, Funimation)

Don Krieg (One Piece, ENG, Funimation)

AnimeFictionalRVC v2English





Introducing our RVC V2 Model, specifically tailored for creating AI music and covers! With this advanced technology, we've trained a model on the voice of Andy Mullins as Don Krieg from the popular anime series One Piece. This model has undergone 286 epochs and 1430 steps, resulting in a high-quality text-to-speech tool. Leveraging feature extraction techniques like RMVPE and a sample rate of 48k, our model generates realistic and engaging audio. Although originally featured in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, our model brings Don Krieg's menacing persona to life in any scenario. Ready to explore the possibilities? Dive into AI cover creation or experiment with text-to-speech using our cutting-edge, free AI tools.

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