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Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency, 2013 era)

Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency, 2013 era)

RVC v2E-CelebEnglish





Introducing our latest Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Model, "Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency, 2013 era) (RVC v2, 200 epochs)". This advanced AI voice model has been trained on approximately 13 minutes and 6 seconds of audio data from Anita Sarkeesian's work during the 2013 era, specifically from Feminist Frequency. With 200 thorough training epochs, this model provides highly accurate and natural-sounding text-to-speech capabilities. Our state-of-the-art RVC technology enables users to create AI covers or synthesize speech while maintaining the original speaker's unique vocal identity, making it perfect for researchers, developers, and hobbyists interested in AI music, synthetic voices, and multimedia projects. With its ability to transpose pitch within the range of 0 to 12 semitones effortlessly, you have even more creative freedom when working with this impressive tool. To experience the remarkable potential of our cutting-edge AI models firsthand, sign up for FREE at Weights today! Transform your ideas into

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