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Basya (Alex Crish/Minecraft for Noobs)


Introducing Basya, our advanced AI Voice Model powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology version 2. With over 500 epochs of training, this sophisticated model delivers highly accurate and natural voice simulations. Whether you're looking to create AI covers or experiment with text-to-speech applications, Basya offers unparalleled precision and versatility. As Minecraft influencer Alex Crish's chosen alias for our platform, Basya boasts a fun and engaging personality perfect for various projects. Experience exceptional performance with Basya - try out our free AI tools today and bring your ideas to life! Key features: * Advanced RVC v2 technology for superior accuracy * Over 500 epochs of fine-tuning for optimal results * Versatile application suitable for creating AI covers, gaming content, educational material, and more * Fun and charismatic persona inspired by popular YouTuber Alex Crish Unlock new possibilities with Weights' cutting-edge AI models. Begin your journey now and explore limitless creative avenues using our state-of-the-art voice conversion technology. Don't miss out – take advantage of

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Selected Audio