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Introducing our newest AI Voice Model, "Drake (For All The Dogs Era) [RVC 2] 600 Epochs [RMVPE]". This advanced model has been trained using a dataset of 35 minutes, consisting of 160 clips exclusively from Drake's "For All The Dogs" era albums. With the help of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), we have created a highly accurate and realistic representation of Drake's voice during this specific time period. Our cutting-edge AI Technology allows you to generate AI music covers, text-to-speech features and so much more. The model was trained for 600 epochs utilizing our proprietary RMVPE technique, ensuring exceptional quality and precision in its output. Whether you're looking to create your own AI cover versions of Drake's classics, or simply want to hear his iconic voice brought to life through artificial intelligence, this model offers endless possibilities. At Weights, we provide powerful and accessible AI Tools to empower creators like yourself. Try out our Free AI Tools today to start creating your very own AI Covers and transforming text into

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