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Introducing Tyla - RVC v2 250 Epochs, the latest advancement in AI Voice Models by Weights. With state-of-the-art Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this innovative model captures the essence of South Africa's beloved singer, Tyla, while ensuring high-quality and natural sounding voices. Our dedicated team has trained this powerful tool through rigorous 250 epoch cycles, enhancing its precision and accuracy. Now you can experience Tyla's enchanting voice as if she were right there with you! But wait, that's not all—with Tyla - RVC v2 250 Epochs, users have the remarkable ability to generate AI covers of their favorite songs effortlessly. Whether you want to produce music like your idols or simply explore new creative horizons, our cutting-edge AI models empower you to make it happen. And don’t forget – they also excel in text-to-speech conversion across multiple languages, making them versatile companions for various applications. Transform your world today by harnessing the power of Weights' AI solutions. Visit us now

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