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CritCrab (TTRPG/D&D Story teller)

CritCrab (TTRPG/D&D Story teller)

EnglishRVC V2E-Celeb



Introducing CritCrab, the Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Model version 2, specifically trained for Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPG) and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) storytelling. With over 18 hours and 55 minutes of training data at transposition values between -12 and -6, CritCrab delivers high-quality, immersive audio experiences perfect for TTRPG and D&D enthusiasts. As an advanced AI voice model developed by Weights, CritCrab excels in creating AI music covers, offering users unique and engaging background music tailored to their gaming sessions. Additionally, its text-to-speech capabilities bring game characters to life, enhancing narratives and deepening role-play experiences. Unlock your creativity with CritCrab—our powerful RVC Model designed exclusively for gamers looking to elevate their tabletop adventures. Utilize our cutting-edge AI tools today to generate captivating AI covers and seamless text-to-speech solutions with our free trial! Give CritCrab the spotlight it deserves; join the future of gaming entertainment now.

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