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Zarna Joshi (Hugh Mungus meme "victim")

Zarna Joshi (Hugh Mungus meme "victim")

EnglishRVC V2E-Celeb


Introducing the Zarna Joshi RVC v2 Model, built on the Remarkable Vocals Corpus (RVC) platform and fine-tuned for 150 epochs. This advanced AI voice model captures the unique vocal patterns of Zarna Joshi, known for her role in the viral Hugh Mungus meme. With training data spanning approximately 5 minutes and 44 seconds, this model excels at generating expressive and dynamic AI music covers. To bring your creative visions to life, explore our user-friendly, free AI tools for creating AI covers or text-to-speech applications. The team behind this innovative technology specializes in developing cutting-edge, customizable AI voices based on real human performances.

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