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SCP 3114 (SCP: Secret Laboratory)
RVC v2TTS / RealtimeFictional


Introducing our latest innovation, the SCP 3114 (SCP: Secret Laboratory) 650 Epochs - a state-of-the-art Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RBVC) Model. This advanced AI Voice Model is trained using all available voice lines from the popular game SCP: Secret Laboratory, resulting in a highly versatile and expressive tool capable of producing natural-sounding speech. With over 650 epochs of training at a high-quality 48k sample rate, this RBVC Model offers unparalleled precision and accuracy in its text-to-speech capabilities. But that's not all - the SCP 3114 RBVC Model also boasts impressive musical abilities. It can generate AI music and even create stunning AI covers of your favorite songs. Imagine hearing your favorite tunes spoken by your favorite characters from SCP: Secret Laboratory! At Weights, we believe in making cutting-edge AI technologies accessible to everyone. That's why we offer free trials of our powerful AI tools, including the SCP 3114 RBVC Model. Whether you want to create AI

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