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Use a model to convert sung or spoken vocals to a new voice

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Daisuke Namikawa. (Young tone of voice.) ". ts." "

Daisuke Namikawa. (Young tone of voice.) ". ts." "

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Introducing Daisuke Namikawa (Young Tone), our advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RBV) Model, specifically designed using cutting-edge AI technology. With extensive training of 100 epochs and 5,000 steps, this remarkable model delivers astonishingly accurate text-to-speech capabilities that sound just like the renowned Japanese voice actor himself. Transform your written scripts into engaging audio narrations, perfect for animations, games, and other digital media projects. Moreover, harness its power to create professional-grade AI covers, enhancing music experiences across various genres. Optimized through rigorous processes, our RBV Model boasts unparalleled precision in recreating unique voices – all while ensuring a seamless user experience. Embrace innovation; join us at Weights and explore the potential of our free AI tools today!

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