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Unknown Singer (Singer of Everyone Knows That / Ulterior Motives)

Unknown Singer (Singer of Everyone Knows That / Ulterior Motives)

RVC V2E-Celeb





Introducing our latest AI voice model, "Unknown Singer - RVC V2 - 100 Epochs - RMVPE," perfect for creating realistic and unique vocal tracks. This advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) model has been trained on the vocals of the enigmatic singer behind hits like "Everyone Knows That" and "Ulterior Motives." Despite having limited data, our team at Weights has managed to fine-tune this model through 100 epochs using the Robust Multi-view Prototype Embeddings (RMVPE) technique. As a result, we've created an exceptional singing voice model that can generate impressive AI covers. Whether you're looking to create your own text-to-speech recordings or produce professional-grade AI music, look no further than our cutting-edge tools. Try them out today with our free AI trial!

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