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Introducing our advanced AI Voice Model, Chowder (RVC v2) - Mangio-Crepe, perfect for generating high-quality text-to-speech and creating AI covers! Trained using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), this cutting-edge model has been honed for 1,000 epochs with a batch size of 8, ensuring exceptional accuracy and versatility. With a dataset crafted exclusively by our skilled team at Weights, you'll experience outstanding results when utilizing Chowder (RVC v2) – Mangio-Crepe for your projects. Delve into the world of AI music creation like never before—generate captivating AI covers effortlessly and enhance all your audio needs. Excited to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence? Discover limitless possibilities with our free AI tools today and elevate your content creation process! Don't miss out; start now and explore what makes our RVC Models extraordinary.

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