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Stingy (Dying Robot Form) (64 Hop Length)

Stingy (Dying Robot Form) (64 Hop Length)






Introducing our latest advanced AI voice model, Stingy (Dying Robot Form) v2, powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This innovative model brings a unique blend of artificial intelligence and music, offering remarkable capabilities in creating AI covers and text-to-speech applications. With its distinctive Dying Robot Form persona, Stingy v2 sets itself apart from other models available in the market. Carefully crafted over 420 epochs and utilizing a hop length of 64, it ensures high-quality audio conversion, maintaining consistency throughout every project. As part of our cutting-edge RVC Models collection at Weights, Stingy v2 offers unparalleled flexibility and precision when generating human-like voices or recreating your favorite tunes as AI covers. It has been fine-tuned to provide optimal performance within various projects and systems requiring voice conversion. Take advantage of its impressive 100% search feature functionality—a first in the industry—designed specifically for superior outcomes. You won't find anything like it; we created this original concept based on user needs. Transform your creative endeavors with Sting

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