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Ray Voix FR (Marie Nonnenmacher)
RVC v2350 epochsJeux VidéoFrançais


Introducing Ray Voix FR (Marie Nonnenmacher)-RVC2, a state-of-the-art Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) model developed by Weights. This advanced AI voice model has been trained using cutting-edge techniques, resulting in highly accurate and natural sounding text-to-speech capabilities. With 350 epochs of training, Ray Voix FR offers exceptional performance and versatility. As an RVC model, Ray Voix FR specializes in converting speech from one voice to another while preserving the original tone, pitch, and emotion. This makes it perfect for creating AI covers, allowing artists and musicians to generate new versions of their favorite songs using different voices. Additionally, its compatibility with the RVC platform ensures seamless integration into various applications. Furthermore, Ray Voix FR boasts impressive capabilities when it comes to AI music. It can analyze musical patterns, rhythms, and melodies, enabling users to create unique and engaging compositions with ease. Whether you're looking to produce high-quality audio narrations, podcast intros, or even full-length albums, Ray Voix FR delivers professional results

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