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Kjera | Arknights

Kjera | Arknights

EnglishRVC V2Fictional





Introducing Kjera, the advanced AI Voice Model specifically designed for use with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With Kjera, users can experience high-quality text-to-speech capabilities, perfect for various applications including AI music and creating AI covers. This state-of-the-art model is based on the character "Kjera" from the popular game "Arknights," providing a unique and engaging user experience. The Kjera RVC Model boasts impressive features such as a sample rate of 48k, ensuring clear and natural sounding speech. Additionally, its retrieval-based approach allows for more flexible and accurate conversions compared to traditional voice conversion methods. Whether you're looking to enhance your AI music projects or simply want a high-quality text-to-speech tool, Kjera is the perfect choice. At Weights, we offer a range of free AI tools for you to explore, including options to create AI covers and utilize text-to-speech functionality. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your creative projects to the next level – try Kjera today!

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