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Plern Phromdaen

Plern Phromdaen

RVC V2Other LanguageArtist



Introducing the Plern Phromdaen RVC v2 600 Epoch - a state-of-the-art AI Voice Model specifically trained for Thai singing! With over 12,600 epochs invested in its Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) v2 RMVPE time training, this advanced model delivers highly accurate and natural-sounding Thai speech and vocals. As a remastered version of our very first public model, it has been fine-tuned to better capture the unique essence and charm of Thai music and culture. Our cutting-edge RVC technology enables you to generate astonishingly authentic AI covers effortlessly. Whether you're looking to produce stunning text-to-speech applications, captivating AI voiceovers, or creating unparalleled AI covers, look no further than Weights' suite of powerful AI tools. Unlock your creativity and join thousands of satisfied users who have already transformed their projects using Weights' innovative AI solutions. Start exploring what our AI models can do for you today—create breathtaking AI covers or craft impactful text-to-speech narratives free of charge with our

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