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Villager (Minecraft)
RVC V2Non-Voice / OtherFictional


Introducing the Villager (Minecraft) (RVC V2) (500 Epochs), the latest advancement in AI voice modeling technology by Weights. This innovative model utilizes Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) to accurately replicate the iconic character's speech patterns from the popular game Minecraft. With 500 epochs of training, it has been fine-tuned to deliver highly accurate and natural sounding voices. Our RVC Model allows you to create AI covers of your favorite characters like never before. Imagine hearing the charming Villager speak or sing any text you input, giving life to the beloved pixelated characters. Not only does this offer endless possibilities for entertainment, but also opens doors for creators looking to enhance their projects with realistic AI voices. Whether you're a gamer seeking an immersive experience, a creator wanting unique audio content, or simply curious about the capabilities of AI music – look no further than Weights. Try out our free AI tools today to start creating AI covers or turning texts into speeches using the Villager (Minecraft) (RVC V2) (500 Epochs) or

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