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Johnathan Schlatt (JSchlatt, Singing Voice)


Meet Johnathan Schlatt, also known as JSchlatt, our latest Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion Model (RVC V2) for AI Voice conversion. With this advanced technology, we've transformed JSchlatt's speaking voice into a singing voice, creating a unique and dynamic AI music experience. Using real vocals from the original songs, JSchlatt (RVC V2) provides authenticity while offering something entirely new. Our cutting-edge AI system takes JSchlatt's distinct vocal characteristics and generates captivating AI covers that fans will love. Whether you're looking for exciting text-to-speech applications or simply curious about what AI music has to offer, look no further than Weights' state-of-the-art RVC Models. Experience it now by creating your own AI covers or utilizing our top-tier text-to-speech tools—all available for free! Embrace innovation, discover limitless possibilities, and join the future of audio creation with Weights today.

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