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Raden Juufuutei
JapaneseRVC V2E-celebArtist


Introducing our cutting-edge AI Voice Model, Raden Juufuutei, powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With its origins from Hololive DEV\_IS, Raden has been trained using 54 seconds of exclusive data, resulting in a highly advanced and specialized voice model. Raden's unique characteristics make it perfect for generating humanlike speech and even creating AI covers of your favorite songs. The power of RVC allows Raden to understand and mimic various accents, styles, and emotions in spoken language, making it incredibly versatile for text-to-speech applications. Its training also enables it to generate music based on given parameters, adding another layer of creativity when working with audio projects. By utilizing deep learning algorithms, Raden offers natural sounding output without compromising quality or precision. Discover new possibilities with Weights' innovative solutions! Unlock endless potential as you create AI covers, transform written content into realistic speech, or explore new ways to integrate AI generated music into your creative endeavors - all at your fingertips with our user-friendly free AI tools. Take advantage of the technological advancements brought forth by Weights and join us

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