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Cat iPhone Ringtone

Cat iPhone Ringtone

RVC V2Non-Voice / Other





Introducing the Cat iPhone Ringtone (RVC v2) 500 Epochs, an advanced AI Voice Model by Weights that uses Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology to bring your devices to life. With 500 epochs of training, this model boasts impressive accuracy and attention to detail. It's perfect for creating custom text-to-speech messages or even AI covers of your favorite songs – all with the unique sound of a playful cat. Imagine setting a trend among your friends and family with this one-of-a-kind ringtone, pitch-shifted between +7 to +12, giving it a distinct and charming tone. Don't forget to use our FREE AI tools to make your own personalized audio clips today! Warning: please do not use without proper citation as indicated in the original statement ("rmvpe DONT credit if used lol"). At Weights, we believe in empowering creativity through cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

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