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[Borderlands] Tiny Tina
RVC v2EnglishFictional


Introducing the "Tiny Tina (250 Epochs RVC V2) (RMVPE)" - an advanced AI Voice Model by Weights! This innovative voice conversion model is based on Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), allowing it to generate impressive and realistic Tiny Tina vocal performances. With over 250 training epochs and version 2's enhanced capabilities, expect highly accurate and natural sounding results. Furthermore, explore RMVPE functionality to unlock even more potential in creating AI music covers and personalized text-to-speech applications. Ideally suited for Borderlands fans seeking immersive experiences, game developers looking to enhance their games with top-tier AI voices, and musicians interested in generating AI covers – don’t miss out on transforming your projects with our powerful, user-friendly, and FREE AI tools at Weights. Give them a try today and witness the extraordinary outcomes yourself! Remember to credit us when utilizing this incredible resource, and do experiment with pitch change settings for optimal pitch correction adjustments.

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