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Yuta Hibiki (SSSS. GRIDMAN) (Brandon McInnis)

Yuta Hibiki (SSSS. GRIDMAN) (Brandon McInnis)

EnglishAnimeRVC V2Fictional





Introducing Yuta Hibiki (SSSS. GRIDMAN), powered by the advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion Version 2 (RVC V2) technology! Voiced by the talented Brandon McInnes, this AI Voice Model captures the essence of Yuta's character while delivering clear and natural sounding speech. With Realistic Virtual Machine Pitch Expressiveness (RVMPE), it provides highly expressive and humanlike intonations, making conversations more engaging than ever before. Trained over 250 epochs using Optimized Variance 2 (OV2), this model offers exceptional audio quality and consistency. Our cutting-edge RVC Model enables you to generate high-quality text-to-speech voices as well as create AI covers effortlessly. Whether you want to bring your favorite anime characters like Yuta to life, convert music into different styles, or use realistic synthetic voices in various applications - our versatile AI tool has got you covered! Try out our FREE AI tools today at Weights and experience the power of artificial intelligence firsthand!

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