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Discover the power of our cutting-edge AI technology with the "Magia Baiser/Utena Hiiragi (250 Epochs RVC V2) (Ov2, RMVPE)" voice model. This advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Model offers unparalleled performance in creating realistic and expressive voices, perfect for use in various applications such as text-to-speech and AI music creation. With 250 epochs of training and utilizing state-of-the-art Overvc (Ov2) and Relativistic Mean Variance Prediction Error (RMVPE) techniques, this model ensures exceptional audio quality and naturalness. Our "Magia Baiser/Utena Hiiragi" voice model provides highly customizable options, allowing users to experiment with pitch correction and other settings to achieve their desired sound. Whether you're looking to create AI covers or explore new frontiers in synthetic music production, this versatile model delivers impressive results every time. At Weights, we strive to push the boundaries of AI innovation by offering powerful and accessible tools designed for creators like you. Take advantage of our free AI resources

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