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Mr. Dallas (VoiceForge/Cepstral) (64 Hop Length)

Mr. Dallas (VoiceForge/Cepstral) (64 Hop Length)

RVC V2TTS / Realtime





Discover Mr. Dallas, our advanced AI Voice Model integrated with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, offering high-quality text-to-speech and cover song generation capabilities. Experience enhanced artificial intelligence music production as Mr. Dallas (VoiceForge/Cepstral) showcases its impressive performance through version RVC v2. With unique specifications like Mangio-Crepe and a hop length of 64, it delivers unparalleled precision and seamless audio conversion. Trained over 250 epochs, Mr. Dallas stands out among competitors thanks to its remarkable adaptability and accuracy. Now is your chance to create AI covers or generate top-tier text-to-speech using our cutting-edge, free AI tools at Weights. Don't wait – try it now!

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