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Cho Gum Hwa

Cho Gum Hwa

RVC V2CelebrityTTS / RealtimeArtist





Introducing our advanced AI Voice Model, Cho Gum Hwa (RVC v2 [Rmvpe] - 400 Epochs), perfect for music enthusiasts looking to explore the realm of artificial intelligence. This innovative model uses Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology to accurately replicate the iconic vocals of Cho Gum Hwa, the lead singer of the legendary North Korean pop group, Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble. With 400 epochs trained, this AI Voice Model delivers exceptional accuracy and natural sounding results, making it ideal for creating AI covers of your favorite hits. Not just limited to replicating voices, our cutting-edge AI Technology can also generate original AI Music, expanding your creative possibilities beyond traditional means. And with the ability to seamlessly convert text into speech using our Text-to-Speech feature, you have even more ways to take advantage of this powerful tool. Start exploring new frontiers in music creation today by trying out our free AI Tools at Weights! Whether you're interested in creating AI Covers or experimenting with Text-to-Speech capabilities, we have everything you need to get started. Don't

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