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Ri Kyong Suk

Ri Kyong Suk

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Introducing our latest RVC Model, "Ri Kyong Suk (RVC v2 [Rmvpe] - 400 Epochs)," a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence voice model inspired by the renowned singer of the Pochonbo Electric Ensemble from the DPRK. With advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this AI voice model captures the unique vocal characteristics and style of Ri Kyong Suk, allowing you to generate realistic and expressive performances. Our Ri Kyong Suk model excels at creating AI covers, enabling musicians and producers to experiment with new sounds and styles while preserving the essence of the original artist's voice. Imagine generating AI covers of your favorite Pochonbo Electric Ensemble songs using our cutting-edge technology! Additionally, text-to-speech applications benefit significantly from our refined RVC models, delivering natural-sounding voices for various use cases. At Weights, we offer a range of powerful AI tools, including our Ri Kyong Suk RVC Model, available for free to help unleash creativity and streamline workflows. Whether you want to

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