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[Aggretsuko] Shikabane
RVC v2250 epochsEnglishFictional


Introducing the "[Aggretsuko] Shikabane (250 Epochs) (Ov2, RMVPE)" AI Voice Model, a cutting-edge embodiment of RVC technology tailored for fans and creators of AI music. This model is meticulously trained over 250 epochs, ensuring a nuanced and high-fidelity replication of Aggretsuko's distinctive tone. Its Overdrive version 2 (Ov2) and the advanced RMVPE algorithm work in concert to deliver an unparalleled voice conversion experience. Whether you're looking to create AI covers that capture the unique essence of Aggretsuko, or require a particular vocal style for text-to-speech applications, the Shikabane model is your go-to solution. With the flexibility to adjust pitch, this model empowers content creators to fine-tune their audio output for pitch correction, ensuring an authentic and expressive result that truly resonates with listeners. Experience the seamless blend of technology and artistry with Weights' signature "[Aggretsuko] Shikabane" model. Elevate your projects with our free AI tools at Weights and unleash the full potential of AI-driven audio innovation. Create AI covers or text-to-speech content with ease and precision. Start your journey into the future of sound – your audience awaits.

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