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Da Thanida of Endorphine
RVC V2CelebrityOther LanguageArtist


Introducing "Da Thanida of Endorphine (RVC v2/RIN E3/rmvpe) 500 epochs," a cutting-edge RVC Model expertly crafted by Weights for AI music enthusiasts and creators alike. Trained on an extensive 8-minute dataset, this AI Voice Model encapsulates the unique tonal qualities and speech patterns of the talented Da Thanida, lead vocal of the well-known band Endorphine. With 500 epochs ensuring the refinement of auditory nuances, our model brings you closer than ever to replicating the iconic presence of Da Thanida in your AI-generated music projects. While the model does not include the intricate vocal techniques, it remains a powerful tool for those looking to create AI covers or integrate a touch of Da Thanida's vocal essence into their compositions. The AI's deep learning capabilities make it ideal for text-to-speech applications where authenticity is paramount, especially in the realm of music production and AI-driven vocal performances. Leverage Weights' RVC model to fulfill your creative endeavors and explore new horizons in AI music creation. Generate high-fidelity AI covers or utilize our advanced text-to-speech technology with ease. Start creating with our free AI tools at Weights, where innovation meets artistry, and let Da Thanida's voice inspire your next masterpiece.

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