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Rihanna (2009-2012)

Rihanna (2009-2012)

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Immerse yourself in the next evolution of AI music generation with Weights' latest offering: the Rihanna RVCv2, a meticulously crafted AI Voice Model that captures the distinct sound and style from the 2009-2012 era of the global superstar's career. This model has undergone an intensive training process for 530 epochs, ensuring authentic and accurate replication of Rihanna's unique vocal qualities, especially from her influential albums "Rated R," "LOUD," "Talk That Talk," and "Unapologetic." Developed by the tech-savvy founders at @aiverse and using a cutting-edge Pitch Extraction algorithm, this RVC Model epitomizes the advanced capabilities in Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology. The Rihanna RVCv2 is perfectly primed for content creators and musicians looking to create AI covers of Rihanna's iconic early 2010s tracks, or experiment with a voice synonymous with innovation and chart-topping hits. Leverage the power of AI to bring a fresh perspective to your music and audio projects. Harness the rich, textured tones of Rihanna’s voice with our RVC Model, and start creating your own mesmerizing AI covers with a touch of Rihanna's flair. Visit Weights and explore our free AI tools for both top-tier Text-to-Speech and AI music applications. Let the creativity flow and transform the soundscape with Weights' AI technology today.

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