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Bruce Harper (Captain Tsubasa/Castillian Spanish)


Introducing the "Bruce Harper" AI Voice Model from Weights—a groundbreaking RVC Model leveraging the latest in Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology. This model emulates the iconic voice of Ryo Ishizaki, known as Bruce Harper in the Spanish dub of the classic anime series "Captain Tsubasa." With an extensive training period of 300 epochs, this model captures the essence and nuances of Harper's character, making it perfect for creating AI-generated covers or immersive text-to-speech applications. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the landscape of digital media, and our Bruce Harper model is at the forefront of this transformation. It enables creators to synthesize music and vocals with astonishing clarity and personality, mirroring Harper's energetic and youthful tone in Castillian Spanish. The model is trained to deliver high fidelity results, ensuring that whether you're looking to create AI covers, gripping audio content, or explore new horizons in AI music, the Bruce Harper model provides an unrivaled experience. Unleash the full potential of your creativity with Weights' AI tools. Feel the rush of innovation as you create AI covers, dive into text-to-speech projects, or push the boundaries of what's possible in AI music. Begin your journey today with the Bruce Harper AI Voice Model, and join a community of forward-thinking creators. Experience the power of RVC technology for yourself—start creating with our free AI tools now!

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